n.jet lab

n.jet lab

R&D Inkjet Printer

n.jet lab R&D inkjet printer for printed electronics, 3D printing and material deposition
  • Smooth transfer from R&D scale to 24/7 industrial production systems
  • Versatile applications with print heads from several manufacturers
  • Fast and easy change between different heads & different inks
  • Up to four different head/ink combinations in use simultaneously
  • High precision mechanical design with self calibration including nozzle by nozzle calibration
  • Easy to use graphical user interface

The n.jet lab is a highly flexible R&D inkjet printer with a print area of 305mm x 305mm(larger print areas are available on request) and has been designed for printing of technical an functional inks.

It's main focuses are development and verification of new production processes and small volume series production.

There are various print heads and tank systems available that have been optimized for their respective application and ink and which can be heated optionally. Up to four of these print heads can be in use simultaneously. These easy-to-change print haeads, along with small volume ink reservoirs support the very quick and economic adaptation of the printer in order to meet the moving requirements in a laboratory environment. Larger tank systems for small volume series production are optionally available.

The printer comes with integrated camera systems and image processing in order to align printing to fiducial marks or substrate borders. The built in calibration (based on the image processing as well) along whith the high precision mechanics produce high-accuracy printouts for demanding applications.

Automated loading is avaiable on request.

We make your n.jet lab fit your special requirements. See it for yourself.

Product Specification

Mechanical & Interfaces
Stage size 305 x 305 mm (larger on req.)
Substrate height Up to 40 mm
Substrate fixture Vacuum hold down
Print speed Up to 900 mm/s
Self calibration Automated self calibration
x & y axis type Ironless linear motor
x & y axis accuracy ±1 micron
x & y repeatability ±0.3 micron
z axis type Servo motor spindle drive
z axis accuracy ±1 micron
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1860 x 1350 x 2000 mm
Electrical interface 400 V /16 A, 3 phases
Transformer Supplied by Notion Systems
Power consumption < 1 kW
CDA 6.5 bar - 8.5 bar
CDA consumption < 1 liter per minute
Certficates & Safety CE
Alignment cam type b/w CCD, 1624x1234 pixels
Alignment precision ±2 micron
Alignment types 2…4 fiducial marks, edge
Alignment light source Selectable ring light source
Drop watch cam b/w CCD, 1388 x 1038 pixels
Drop watcher Real time
Drop watcher measure Drop volume measurement
Software & Data Formats
User Interface Intuitive GUI
Rasterizer Drop spread accounted fo
Data format Gerber, DXF, bitmap
Print Heads
Number of heads 4 slots
Head types FujiFilm, Kyocera, Xaar, Xerox,
Toshiba, Ricoh
Mixed head types Simultaneously up to 4
Mounting Precision fast mount
Calibration All nozzle positions calibrated
better than 1 micron
Print resolution Up to 5080 x 5080 dpi
Drop placement ±3 micron
Print repeatability ±1 micron
Ink System
Tank types Fluid, hotmelt (up to 120 °C)
Tank volume fluid S Cartridge 1.5…10 ml
Tank volume fluid XL 400 ml
Tank volume Hotmelt 50 ml
Chemical compatibility Inert o-rings, high-resilience
Automated refill system Optional
Print Head Maintenance
Automated cleaning Purge, seepage, standby jetting
Head cleaning types Wipe, noncontact vacuum
Simultaneous cleaning Up to 4 heads simultaneously
Capping Air tight capping as standard
Built in UV curing Heated stage
Built in NIR sintering Automated loading
Adjustable head angle Roll to roll
Rotation stage HEPA environment