n.jet Inkjet Printer

Develop innovative new production processes using the n.jet inkjet printers from Notion Systems. Our inkjet printers combine:

  • High Precision
  • Best dynamics
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with functional inks
  • Easy integration into your automation and process flow

Modular Engineering

„Modular Engineering“ – The modular machine concept of Notion Systems.

The inkjet platforms provided by Notion Systems follow some clear design rules. They are precise, fulfill highest demands in process stability and they are modular. This means that any system is built according to specific customer requirements. The individual modules are tested thoroughly and when approved can be integrated into all of our platforms. This results in highest flexibility without compromising the precision and stability needed during development and in scale-up of digital manufacturing processes to 24/7 production. Of course, our systems can be adapted to any lab- or factory automation. Please browse through the different machine sites to see concrete realizations of Notion Systems modular engineering concept.

n.jet solder mask - inkjet printer for solder mask and legend printing

Inkjet printer for applying solder mask and legend print in printed circuit board production.

n.jet production - Inkjet Printer for production

Inkjet printers for 24/7 production. With automatic substrate handling on integration into it process flow. Supports a wide variety of printhead types and functional inks.

n.jet lab - R&D Inkjet Printer

Flexible and high-precision inkjet for laboratory applications. Supports a variety of types of printheads and inks. For 3D printing, printed electronics, generative production and many other applications.